I requested a financial favor to a friend and now he is upset? Why is he acting like that??

I was having a very complicated situation with my debts and credit cards and I live outside the US so I borrowed some money (not too much) to one of my friends who lives in the States. After having problems with his phone bill he said he couldnt help me at that moment so he asked me to borrow it from someone else while he was able to send the cash and help me out and pay it back to the other person so I did but he stopped calling me and started ignoring me everytime I mentioned the idea in a very softle way when I called.

Today I called him again after 2 weeks of not talking to him at all, since he keeps ignoring my phone calls so he accepted that he's a little upset and uncomfortable with the whole situation. I think he should of tell something at least and not just ignore me and give me his back with no explanation.

I was not trying to take advantage from our friendship so...why is it that he acted that way being a 37 yeard old guy? What can I do to make him forgive me? help


I should specify that I didnt get the money from him at the end. I got it from somebody else. The thing is, if he felt uncomfortable the should of tell instead of acting like a little teenager by ignoring instead of suggestion other ways to solve my situation. I guess none is perfect at first in economical stuff so Im not asking for reprimend.

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    The easiest way to ruin a friendship is to involve money, in the form of a loan. Borrowing from a friend, or loaning money to a friend, takes your relationship with each other into an entirely different arean, that one of BUSINESS.

    My advice to you is to try to find the money to pay your friend off as soon as possible, they pray that you can regain their friendship at a later date. Unfortunately, in most cases, the friendship is over!!

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    I HATE when my friends ask me for money, ESPECIALLY when its because they've mismanaged it by getting into debt and over spending on credit cards. Maybe he was ignoring you because he felt like you were being inconsiderate coming to him for money over and over.

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