I keep hearing people talk about curry goat. I would like to try it but where do I get the goat - any recipes?

How do you make curry goat?

Where do you buy the goat?


Thankx for answer - very comprehensive. Trouble is I live in UK and have to get my meat from Supermarkets but haven't seen goat. Don't know if they would sell it in this country?

Update 2:

Thanx everyone you've all been very helpful.

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    Where do you live? If your area includes Caribbean or northern Mexican or Portuguese or Basque communities fresh goat is usually available at nearby markets and supermarkets.

    However, not always. We live in Montréal, a place with good-sized Portuguese and Caribbean communities but in spite of all the goat farms (for milk to make Québec's wonderful goat cheeses) fresh goat is impossible to find unless (as one of our Jamaican family friends, living across town, does) you go to a farm and contract for a slaughtered animal. Only frozen goat is sold in a very few stores and it is not too good.

    When we travel to Boston (about 4-6 times a year) we will pick up some fresh goat for ourselves and for our next door neighbours (also Jamaican).

    As for making the dish it is really quite simple: trim some fat from the goat and render it in a large frying pan, then remove the crisped fat pieces. Cut the goat into pieces and flour it and sear it. When searings' done add some more flour and some water and make a gravy. Transfer to a large pot. Add the goat, then some more water

    and cut up potatoes and some plaintain pieces and lots of cut up onions and a few cut up green peppers. Add lots of black pepper and lots of caribbean hot sauce and a few spoonsful of Jamaican curry powder (regular curry powder will do if you cannot find the Jamaican style) to taste (but the taste should be at least medium spicy). Cover and braise for a couple of hours, adding more water if gravy gets too thick.

    Serve with rice (preferably yellow rice) accompanied by some ice cold Red Stripes.

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    You can get goat at an Indian store or at a Middle Eastern store. You can probably find the spices there too. There should be quite a few around London...

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    Have you tried a mexican store? They sell it here in the mexican stores but I don't know about in the UK. Or if you know how to slaughter you own animals (I do) go out and get ya a goat.

    Source(s): My goats are for pets only, We only slaughter our hogs, chickens and wild game.
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    Curry goat is SO GOOD!

    Go to the Jamaican neighborhoods in your area and get it there. Ask them how to make it, and they will give you authentic recipes (various curries).

    You are in for a treat, my dear.

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    You go to the mountains and slaughter a goat yourself, duh.

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