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whos right? god or jesus?

John 8:7

"...Let he without sin throw the first stone"


Leviticus 24:13-15

"..."Take the blasphemer outside the camp. All those who heard him are to lay their hands on his head, and the entire assembly is to stone him...."

so god allows stoning.

Jesus says its wrong.

who should i listen to?

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    Are we reading the same verse? Where did Jesus say that the woman shouldn't be stoned? Sounded to me like He was asking that someone who was pure to be the first to bring judgment down on her. I don't see that this conflicts with the Law. When they all walked away there were no witnesses to condemn her. Quilt unto death had to be established by two or three witnesses. She had to be released. Jesus seeing the guilt in her heart told Her to sin no more.. Quilt unto death had to be established by two or three witnesses. This passage in John does NOT CONFLICT with the LAW... Jim

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    Jesus IS God, so he can change the rules anytime that he wants to.

    I think that Jesus was trying to point out here the inherent hypocrisy of the accusers by noting that BOTH the man AND the woman was supposed to be stoned according to the Law of Moses, not just the woman. Ever wonder how that they caught the woman in the "very act" of committing adultery? Did you really think that the male accusers were innocent?

    You also seem confused about the differences between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

    The apostles made it clear that the only part of the Law of Moses that applied to gentile Christians were the ones that were purely moral in nature, and not those that only served to set Israel apart as a nation, nor those that served to define the now defunct Israeli theocracy (Acts 15, Galatians 5, for examples).

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    I think the author of this question, is not being served by the people answering.

    1 - I believe Jesus Christ is God.

    2 - I believe, much like Muslims do with Muhammad, that Jesus came to teach us the correct way because man corruped the Old Testament.

    3 I think Christians should attempt to live according to the teachings of the God the Prophet, Priest and King.

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    Neither are wrong, the situation changed.

    The second verse you quoted is from the Old Testament, before Jesus was born. Before Jesus came, God required a sacrifice for sins. Someone or something had to die, and the sacrifice depended on the sin. Sometimes a lamb had to be sacrificed, but when it came to the more important moral conflicts, the sinner was supposed to be killed in order to keep him from having a negative impact on their society.

    The first verse you quotes is from the New Testament, and was said by Jesus. Jesus came to earth to be the final sacrifice so that sinners wouldn't have to die anymore. He says, "Let he without sin cast the first stone" to show that men are no longer in the position to judge each other, because no one is perfect.

    Hope that answers your question!

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    The wadges of sin is death has not changes but the people who brought that woman if you will read the whole story was just useing her and Jesus DID come to forgive sin the problem in Lev. time period is Jesus had NOT came yet, and Jesus according to John chapter one and Heb 13:8 IS God also John 8:58 says Jesus is THE I AM, free bible lessons talk to me also God bless

    Source(s): The Holy Bible
  • Before Jesus came into town the Bible was strictly for Jews. Sinse the Jews where God's chosen people he rewarded them well and punished them hard. Then Jesus came and showed love and peace and started to get everyone to join. Anyways, the point is, different times cause for different measures.

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    God and Jesus are the same. When reading the bible ask who, what, why, and when. In Leviticus, God was not talking to us today. In John, Jesus is.

    Here are some Bible Study Resources for anything you may want to look up:

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    Jesus is the lamb who takes our sins away. He came so that our sins can be forgiven. Before it was different. And by the way..your basic question is like "whos right? yo mama or your mother?" God and Jesus are one.

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    Actually, Jesus says that every "jot and tittle" of the OT law shall be fulfilled, so he condones the stoning, as well.

    They agree.

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    God. Jesus was only a man. A very wise man, but still only a man compared to God.

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