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Is my CPU dead?

I turned on my emachine desktop today, there were just one message show up on boot, it gives me two options "Press F2 to go to BIOS, Press Esc to restart computer". I tried to press F2, Esc, but there is no response. I tried to boot CD, no luck. I tried to press Del key continously for going into BIOS (like I alway did), no luck.

What's happended on my desktop? Is my CPU dead?

Thanks everybody

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    Do you hear any beeps (long/short in any combination?) This would indicate a HW failure. PS/2 keyboard first, then install USB keyboard afterwards- many are not recognized and require the drivers to be initialized by the OS.

    Try F2 again, check BIOS- all screens carefully and make sure you have the option to boot from CD selected first.

    Good luck- contact me if you require assistance or quotes.

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    First of all, if you are getting any screen that means your CPU or Processor is working.

    It also indicate that your Processor, Motherboard, RAM and Monitor is OK.

    Following Devices are suspected:

    Keyboard, Hard Disk Drive, Operating System


    1. See where Keyboard is responding to keys pressed by you or not.

    2. Try to connect it to another System.

    3. Replace it.

    Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

    1. Check both connectors (Power Connector and Data Connector) connected to HDD.

    2. Check Jumper Setting for PATA HDD. It Should be Primary Master.

    If problem doesn't get solved from above solution it may be Operating System problem (There is also possibility of failure of any other device). Ask Expert Professional personally.

    You are free to send me e-mail for any doubts in my solution and for other things also, my e-mail address is:


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    F2 does't work for all EMachines. That option is not working on mine, though I can get into the BIOS.

    But it does sound like you may have a loose connection to your keyboard, for 1. After that, it's hard to tell, and you may need to see an expert.

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    you have viruses. you may desire to reload the working gadget. in the journey that your CPU exchange into ineffective the laptop does not bypass in the direction of the flexibility on self attempt. Then if it exchange into overheating then it may come on and close off earlier residing house windows lots, yet by using fact it fairly is purely putting up then you easily have been contaminated.

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    Hi. Take Kokopelli's advice first. If you have a wireless keyboard you may need to plug in another to get past your prompt. Try 'Safe mode' if you get a response but it still doesn't boot. Good luck!

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    If you dont know a lot about these things and the keyboard connection checks turn up alright take it to a professional.

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    Check to see if your keyboard connector is plugged in securely.

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    Sounds like either your CPU or motherboard died. You should take it to a shop so they can diagnose what the problem is.


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    no it could just be the memory or you burned the chip. so its basically guess ad check.

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    It could be your hard drive disconnected.

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