Missed the ending of "Without A Trace" last night.?

My vcr tape ran out just as the FBI agent was telling how she pummeled the man who was raping her sister. What happened next? Did she do it? Was she lying? Is Jack going to give her a pass on this?Have they left the viewer to judge? Is this a question to be answered in later shows? I know there will be a re-run this summer but any information now is appreciated.

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  • tani n
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, she did it because the guy was raping her sister. She was going to tell her superiors because she didn't want to have that secret anymore, but her sister didn't want her to. Also when she was going to tell them the truth Jack told them what she and her sister originally planned, so she she didn't get to tell them.

    After, she was cleared and everybody left, she asked Jack why and told him she was going to tell the truth and he said she did tell the truth, she told him.

    Her mom is also a match for the boy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I saw most of it and I have to say it was an excellent episode. The pummeling part was a flashback to when the kidnappers father was killed. The kidnapper was killed with one bullet. They had an internal investigation and she was cleared of any wrong doing.

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