how can i know if that girl is interested on me and which sort of relationship she is looking for?

I am a manager in one of the companies and I have one of my employs, she is a very beautiful lady single and she keeps coming to my office for every single issue she accepts all compliments that I make, she does not mined hearing sweet wards, she is 25 years old and I am 37 years old, i would like to know which relationship is she looking ?

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  • Kat ?
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    1 decade ago
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    The sexual harassment lawsuit one! BE CAREFUL! She might like you but since you are her boss and it is a work relationship...I just wouldn't risk it cos it can cost you everything. I swear it's just not worth it! If she asks you out, then it's different but until she does, stop courting her. I've seen too many nice guys go down for something like this and it's not fair.

    If you really want to pursue her, just wait till she's off work and then ask her out. When (and if) she agrees (which means she likes you), then you can just ask her straight forward what she wants and what she is looking for. Good luck!

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    if you ask her i dont think she wont take it to offensive. just be very careful the way you ask her.

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