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yahoo question....?

how do i get a yahoo avatar fave to show in display picture?

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    Click your avatar (the grey shadow), name, or "My Profile" link in the green bar above.

    Click on the blue "Edit My Info" link to the right of your avatar on profile page.

    On that “Edit My Profile” page, you can pick:

    • No Picture

    • Yahoo! 360 picture : Get my Yahoo! 360 account now!

    • Use my Yahoo! Avatar : Edit my Yahoo! Avatar

    Click "Edit my Yahoo! avatar", create one, save it (or go to: )

    - or -

    Click "Get my Yahoo! 360 account now!" (or go to: ) (must be over 18).

    Post some JPG pictures (on the left side – “Edit Personal Photos).

    Choose one as your PRIMARY and SAVE, OK.

    RETURN to the " Edit My Profile " page on Yahoo! Answers opened above and choose which you want for your avatar. Click PREVIEW at bottom of page, then click OK.

    Good luck!

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    that is definitly a question

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