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i herad that all men think about is love making is that true.?

if it is okayyyyyyyyyy.wierd i hope it isnt true.

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    it depends on age 15 to 26 on our minds constantly and after that we start thinking with our other head, for instance any girl could ask an 18 year old to have sex and he would instantly, the older guy would have to think about it a few seconds more

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    I wouldn't call it love making exactly. But yes that is just about all they think of at certain ages in their lives. Like say from age 16-70. Men generally get turned on real easy. At times even when they don't want to, it just happens. They don't always associate sex with love. Its just for fun and relief. Yes, my answer is yes.

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    My answer is a definite no. If we step in poo then we think "man, it sucks that we steped in poo" then go back to the love making thing.

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    No, they also think about food.

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