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If you were fifty nine, and you could live in an apt. Would you move in to your bachelor sons home? hes 36he

keeps insisting i move in with him. He said all i have to pay is the lights gas and water bill? I keep telling him that won't work, He keeps saying i should move in with him and take half of the house and he'll live itn the other half of the house. I think that would spell misery.

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    There's a reason we have a sense called intuition: it's sometimes an early warning system for us so that we don't put ourselves in situations we probably shouldn't be in. If this is not what you're really interested in having right now, refuse.

    At this point, it sounds as if he needs you to help him financially - which could easily turn into your "helping" him in other ways.

    Listen to your intuitive sense; do what works for you.

    Good luck to you!

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    Are you in good health or is he concerned about your being able to take care of yourself?

    He's 36 and wants his mother to live with him? What about if he wants to bring a girl back to the apartment?

    Are you working? Are you in your own home? If I had my own home I would try to stay there as long as possible, barring any health problems, of course. It sounds like your instincts are telling you what you really want to do. You can always move in with him later if you want to. If you are fine on your own right now, OK!

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    He's trying to paint a picture of how wonderful and easy this could be. You're not falling for this idea because you know better than that. As the parent, be more persistant in saying no.

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    I am a few yrs. older than you but I would NEVER consider doing this.Keep your independance for as long as you can.

    No matter how well you get along now,problems would more than likely occur.You don't want to ruin your relationship with your son.Explain to him that you enjoy things the way they are now and stick to your guns.

    Good Luck and enjoy your life.

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    sounds like a rip off you pay the utilities, he pays what?, who pays the taxes, who does the maint work? at your age, he should be the one paying for everything, you get the supervisory frees stuff. you are too old to be playing head games with wanna be sultans who are broke in the first place dont do it and if you do, get everything in writing, you could end up paying for everything, all of the time.

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    I would never live with my son home, what would you do if he brings some friends home for sex? what about your own life which you enjoy? As long as you can walk and run, dont do it.

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    Sounds like he's concerned about you. Sounds like you are afraid to lose your independence. Keep talking to him, I think you'll both work it out, one way or the other.

    Good luck.

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    I have a feeling you'd end up with the laundry, cleaning and cooking!

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