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Competing in Swimsuit competition, need ideas for themed sportswear round!?

I am competing in Ms. Bikini America in November. I would love any ideas on themed sportswear round attire. It must be sexy, sports related, and fit well physically and personality. Ideas?

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    Favorite Answer has a few

    Speedo Reflective Bikini $38.00 retails for $90 something!!

    TYR Bora Bora Reversible Bikini $16.00

    TYR Pearl Reversible Bikini $16.00

    TYR Maui Reversible Bikini $16.00 has one

    Speedo Core Solid 2pc $43.00

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    I can tell you the truth, no one will tell you what you need to know because they don't want you to be the best, pageants are very competative, you need to get a hold of some pageant trainers, there are some who are very expencive but they will tell you what you need to do to win because you are paying them. Also a lot of pageants have sportswear but it means something different to each pageant. Some are actually sporty like a tennis outfit and others are more sophisticated like a business suit. Do a little research on the pageant history to see what goes on, then get a trainer and blow the competition away. You can find trainers all over the country, look on the net for one you like, don't be afraid of spending the money to travel out of state to find the trainer.

    Source(s): I had a trainer and I won over 200 pageants in my day. I have done some training my self. Don't look me up, I don't know what is hip at the moment.
  • Tennis

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    You could use any sport:

    -Basketball--Carry a basketball, wear Nike sneakers and basketball hat

    -Tennis--Visor, Tennis racket, tennis ball--tennis skirt

    -Soccer--Soccer ball, cleats

    -Swimming--flip flops, goggles on head

    -Badminton--sneakers, birdie, racket

    -Lacrosse--lacrosse stick, cleats

    -Football--football, lines under eyes, holding helmet?

    I would use a unique sport that not a lot of people are doing like tennis or badminton, swimming, etc.

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    Tennis I guess, I was going to say Snow boarding but not everyone considers it a real sport(I DO!)

    you know withe goggles(pink glass) and Jacket bikini under, cute knee length husband likes it...use to model: )


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    take a baseball uniform and make it into a bathing suit. wear a baseball cap and maybe even carry a bat. good luck

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    Equestrian outfit...leather boots, tight pants and the hand held riding whip.......aaahhhhhhh

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