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do therapists really care about their patients????

do they think of the patients even when they're not working?? because after all, it is just a job...

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    Yeah, they seriously do. It is their job, yeah, but part of the job involves caring.

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    depends on the therapist - I'd guess almost all do, b/c of the element of human interaction - to a point, a case is a case, but some patients or situations are going to "strike a nerve" with their therapist; ongoing interaction also builds interpersonal bonds. Not to mention, even with other jobs, anybody can have an ongoing puzzle/challenge at work, and it'll stay on your mind even when you're home...

  • I've seen different ones over a period of years for different reasons and only found one who really did care. Other than that I think it is just a profession to make good money real easy. The price of an office visit is riducious. I only went cause I had insurance at the time and did not find it of much help. I need to talk to someone real bad now but won't pay that much cause I am without insurance so I come on here to ask questions.

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    I can only judge from my perspective as a nurse. When I leave work the work stays there. However, just like anything else in life, there are moments and people who touch you more than others. Emergency situations and dying people, etc. tend to linger more than mundane days.

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    In general I think they do. However, I wouldn't go to that same therapist as the caveman goes to. She doesn't seem to care that much.

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    I hate to say it, but there are some undeserving therapists and they seem to think they are better then others. but I'm sure there is some good ones out there. maybe you should check out another one?

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    no they dont..psychology is inherently flawed b/c most shrinks only focus on the individual and NOT the entire whole of system around the person. (what are the external factors etc..)..

    I think most of em are just looking to collect their $$$..

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    an excellent variety of folk who get into psychology are greater tousled than their sufferers... must be she has worse indications than you do - and he's afraid to hearken to yours. It happens.

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    i'd say so. there are exceptions to the rules. those people are tools and you shouldn't go to them. Good luck.

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  • Mine didn't. It really depends though. If you have to money, they treat you good

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