Emotional mess - and swollen breasts... tired but not so tired that I have to sleep?

Ok, yes I am trying to get pregnant - Obviously I am hopeful.

I am on day 26 of a 29 day cycle... Usually my breasts are bigger and sore 10 days before my buddy is due to come ... They are bigger but not at all sore. I am an emotional disaster... For example I was laughing at work and all of a sudden I felt like I was going to cry and I did - I sobbed like an idiot... I am getting irritated and snapping and then a second later I'm laughing... I am tired but not ridiculously.... like I could sleep but I dont have to. I took a 1st response but it was negative.

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    im in the same situations as you. i took an hpt last night and it was negative. my period is due todaybit its still not here. im keeping my fingers crossed. this website has hepled me a lot through my two week wait. its www.twoweekwait.com

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    You might be pregnant and got a negative because you may have tested too early. With some women it takes them a little longer to build up the pregnancy hormone in their bodies. Wait until the day your period is due and take a test. Or, you can try and hurry to get to your doctor's office and ask for a blood test. You can find out about 30 minutes after they take your blood.

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    Well you should wait tell your period is late to test. I tested when my cycle was 2 days late and got a BFP I am not 7 weeks pregnant with twins!

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    u need to tackle d stress first

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