HELP!!! Why can i get pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend havent been using condoms for a year now and im not pregnant yet. There have been two times when i thought i was. We were using the pull out method because we didn't mind getting pregnant but if we could post pone it then that was ok too. Now we arent even pulling out and it seems like i still cant get pregnant. My older sister said it took her an entire year to get pregnant so just wait. Now my little sister is pregnant and im thinking what is wrong with me. I missed my period 2 days now but that's what happened last time and i had false prenancy results. what should i do my sister just found out she was a month on the 20th of March. Wouldnt that be something if we are pregnant together.

If someone can tell me why Im may not be getting pregnant ill be very greatful.

P.S. im 19 years old and engaged

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    Well not to be rude but 19 is a little young for a baby. I am only 23 and I am pregnant with twins and trust me I am young too. Well it did not take me but 3 months to get pregnant and the younger you are the easier it is so there might be something wrong with you or him. You should be married before you think of kids.

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    There are SOOO many reasons for why a person does not get pregnant. And the problem may not be with you. It could be that your boyfriends sperm count/quality is not that great.

    The only way to know for sure if by havinga complete fertility checkup.

    You also may want to try to use some kind of ovulation prediction tests to see if you are timing things correctly.

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    If all else have failed tell your doctor you want him to run dye through your tubes. It is a known medical fact that 98 percent of women who have had this done became pregnant within that week. It clears up any blockage and isnt painful at all.

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    it is not unusual for it to take time to get pregnant. I was just young and not very careful most of the time and it took me 2 yrs to get pregnant. But if you believe that there could be a problem consult with your doctor and also have your fiance consult with his if there is a problem it does not necessarily mean its you.

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    it comes oalong when it ready trust me...i was with my ex for 3 years and never gotten pregnant and WE NEVER USED ANY FORM OF CONTRACEPTION! when i met hubby im with now the first time we did it ; i got pregnant...@ one point i thought i couldnt have kids because he had one but i was wrong, im concerned with wether or notim able 2 carry them!

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    i think you should wait to get pregnet til after college ok

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