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do ab crunhes stun your growth iam 15 coming 16 and want a six pack?

i do a lot of surfing and iam thin enough but i want a six pack but also not the stun my growth

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    i dnt belive that it will stunt ur growth

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    No. Doing ab crunches does not stunt your growth. Unless, you smoke while you do them. Heard somewhere that cigarettes stunt your growth, but that's probably BS too.

  • As far as I know...no, ab crunches does NOT stunt one's growth.

    Eat healthy and exercise and you will grow.

    Junk food and watching tv all day will slow growth.

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    Eat a healthy diet and don't smoke, and do as many crunches as you want. Also throw in some upper body work (push-ups), because more muscle mass in your shoulders & arms will make the crunches more effective.

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  • 1 decade ago

    NO....ab workouts will not stunt your growth...having a good strong core is essential for fitness....especially surfing....enjoy it ....work hard.....later

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