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Do you believe that spirits give us signs to help guide us through life? If so, what kinds? Personal stories?

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    I do! My deceased father-in-law lead us to the home we're in now and my son's deceased friend kept him from killing himself in a wreck.

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    My mother and I traveled together to the mountains in the fall and saw a beautiful tree. My mom asked me to "wish" upon the tree & I wished I could stand there with someone "special" (I'd been married and divorced -- the whole sob story!). She dreamed of a curly-haired man and told me he would make me the happiest I'd ever been. One year later (exactly) I was on the same mountain with a new man I'd met -- and saw the tree and remembered my wish -- and my mother's dream!! I cried. I told him why (and this was a FIRST DATE, mind you!). He just smiled and said: "So, it's come true, right!?" He had a MASSIVE head of curly hair -- and we've been delightfully married for 20 years now. I love SIGNS!!

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    I separated with my husband yesterday and when i got back home there were 2 pennies on my bed that weren't there before I left, I know that they were from my grama and grampa. One had my hubands birth year (1975) on it and the other had last year (2006) and that was the last time that I had separated from him. I know that they were telling me that this was the way that it was supposed to be.

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    No, I don't believe it, I KNOW IT FOR A FACT.

    No stories. No one believes someone like me anyway. Suffice it to say that our deceased loved ones are well and waiting for us.

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    I think they try too but we are too ignorant or arrogant to understand such things. Humans can be the dumbest animals on the planet if you know what I mean.

    All other animals seem to know better.

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    You mean spirits that are at the bar and liquor store? Well then, yes.

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