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My husband and I are seperated. We have a new car together and he is taking his sweet time refinancing th car?

He's in the military and is in Kentucky, while i'm in California. The whole reason i couldn't take the car was b/c he didn't want his name on it and now he's doing to me what he didn't want me to do to him. His big excuse is that he has no time. How can i get my name off of the car loan before we get divorced? He's suppose to be deployed soon and I have it on good authority that my ex-friend is living w/him. If he deploys with my name still on the car and he lets her drive it while he's gone, I will be liable for damages she may/will cause.

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    I'm confused - are you both owners of the car or is it just your name on the car? If it's just yours, then repossess the car and sell it. If it's both of your names, then contact a lawyer and either force ex to buy out your half or sell the car and split the proceeds.

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    yepper...there is nothing u can do....however, cause your name is on it --- this means u are still owner of the vehicle unless legal papers have been drawn up that state otherwise...and u can go and retrieve the automobile while he is deployed and drive it yourself ifin u want to.

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    Contact a lawyer, but the fact is you both bought it and your both respociable for it!

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