Has anyone read the Cobain case book?

I didnt want to buy the manual but found it on the internet for free. I see what people say now about the murder theory, too many unexplained answers, i have a few things i noticed.

Kurt's friend said in his police statement that Kurt went to Sea-tac airport with him and the driver the day they bought the gun together, but Kurt realised that he couldnt take the shotgun shells with him to L.A so Kurt gave them to the driver. In the police statement of the driver he never mentions Kurts friend being there at all, also this driver wrote a message to Nirvana fans on a fan site explaining the story in more detail again and never mentions Kurts friend yet again... Kurts friend said this was the last time he saw Kurt..or was it...?

The babysitter and girlfriend was at the house when Kurt died v.possibly, the girlfriend said the babysitter stepped out at midnight, she heard noises a bit later,the guy returned at 3am? where was he then? he never got questioned much an bailed outta town

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    READ "LOVE AND DEATH" by Mark Wallace and Ian Halperin.

    Kurt was absolutely not suicidal and the book explores how Courtney is a manipulative and pathological liar who wanted to become a rock star at any expense, even at her husband's death since he wanted a divorce (as confirmed by their attorney).

    There is so much evidence outlined in that book to show that the suicide claim is completely false.

    One example is the so-called "suicide" note was even forged (the last four lines of the note, which are the only reference to anything remotely sounding like suicide, was written in a completely different handwriting style. Oh by the way; found in Courtney's backpack by her attorney were sheets of paper with characters written several times that obviously was used for practicing handwriting styles).

    She's a manipulative and pathological liar who without a doubt had something to do with his murder.

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    i chanced on them the two in a textbook of mine. however the class grew to become into historical past of rock and roll, so it might desire to no longer be on your historical past e book. If any musicians would be in a historical past e book they'd be the main renowned historic musicians; human beings like Elvis or the Beatles. Hendrix may be a stretch in that type, yet i'd be stunned if Cobain grew to become into.

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