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Good movies?

I wanna either go to see a movie or rent one to watch with my boyfriend this weekend. I need either a funny one or a scary one.. Please help me out here.

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    Cant go wrong with Happy Gilmore

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    funny- Accepted, Talladega Nights, Zoolander, Scary Movie 3

    scary- Sleepy Hollow, The Ring, The Grudge

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    Instead of the usual fare, try something offbeat, like "Lost in Translation". Bill Murray and (your boyfriend will like this) Scarlett Johanssen are funny and rather sad as two lost souls who form an odd friendship while hanging out in Tokyo. My 16-year-old son liked it, so it's not a "chick flick" or something for old people! :)

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    Scary Poltergeist even though its older still scares me and Silent Hill

    Funny Tommy Boy, Talledega Nights, Old School

    At the movies

    Funny Wild Hogs

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    welll if you want to see a really good movie with action and good stuff go see 300. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. so go watch it i really consider you to go watch it.

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    Scary one: Salems Lot

    Funny one: Goodfellas

  • Dew
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    RV is a awsome funny movie to watch.

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    Saw 3 or Borat if you haven't seen them already.

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    a really scary one is hills have eyes 2.. watch it..

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