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college hockey question?

who else thinks that BC will go all the way this year. they made it to the finals last year. Boyle has been playing great (although i think his position should be forward) and so has schneider. they are also riding an 11 or twelve game winning streak. i can't remember

also is number 11 for North Dakota (zajac) NJD Travis Zajac's little brother?

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    I suspect that BC along with ND, Michigan, Minnesota, and the usual suspects will be there at the end.


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    North Dakota is going to win.

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    North Dakota is probably going to win it....even though i am going for Michigan one for the CCHA!

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    yeah! plus they had a great beanpot tournament andi deffinetly think they're gunna keep up their streak. Theyre amazingg! =]

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    BC will win it all now that the gophers are out of it.

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