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How do you install a joy stick?

I have a new compaq computer with windows vista if that matters and I want to hook my joy stick up so I can try to play pod with it. Thanks for any help!

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    Just plug it in and install the drivers and/or software that came with it. If the drivers/software that came with it are not compatible with Vista, go to the joystick manufacturer's web site and download a Vista compatible driver and software from there.

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    look for a 15-pin D-shell connector in teh back of your computer

    it should look kinda like a D (hence the name) with 15 pins in 2 rows

    dont try teh connector with 15 pins in 3 rows, this is for your monitor

    most are yellow

    look at your sound card

    if it isnt there, look above the cards to just below the serial ports and printer ports

    it may be there

    if not, look for a USB joystick

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    the joy stick should plug into your USB port either on the front or back of your PC. It's that easy. Good luck. Mikie.

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    Unless your joystick has a USB connection you're out of luck.

    The older computer's Sound card had a GAME PORT, ie: Joystick port. They haven't had GAME PORTS for quite some time now.........

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