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which of the following types of rocks would weather the fastest?

small peices of clay

large blocks of clay

small peices of granite

large blocks of granite

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    The answer is grus, or small pieces of granite. Clay does not weather that fast because it is a product of weathering. Granite is formed in the earth, and is out of balance with the surface, so it weathers faster. Smaller pieces have more surface area, so the small pieces would weather faster.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Small peices of clay. Because clay has the same hardness of a piece of glass and granite has a hardness of about steel.

  • Helmut
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    1 decade ago

    Clay erodes much more easily than granite, and small pieces present more surface area to eroding forces per unit mass than large pieces.

    A 10-meter cube has a surface area of 600 m^2, but if you divide it into 1,000 1-meter cubes you increase the surface area to 6,000 m^3.

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