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sound driver for windows xp on macbook ?

sound driver for windows xp on macbook ?

details of laptop(macbook) with mac os and windows xp

macbook ma 700 (white color)

2.00 Ghz intel core 2 duo processor

13.3 inch glossy tft diplay

1 gb ram

80 gb harddisk

L2 cache 4Mb shared

i have tried various sound driver install on macbook but none of following works




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    Try burning another disc containing all of the system drivers...and make sure that the volume is not muted or set really low. (I think you have to hold the fn key and press f5 to increase the volume..but i'm not completely sure on this...) Hope this helps...

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    I believe the macbook is using the Intel Audio if you're using boot camp then goto Intel's website and download their drivers for the Intel 945 series chipset for XP..

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    Did you make the main of one in each and each of: Boot Camp or digital container or VMware or Parallels? in case you in all risk did not stick to the utility's training as quickly as you partitioned the stressful rigidity, you get to re-setting up OS X throughout returned. TIP: Boot Camp has an "undo / restoration" function, yet I doubt if can recover from an aborted abode domicile windows setting up. attempt working Boot Camp returned, and seek for for the function.

  • Anonymous
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    you have to use mac drivers, nothing windows will work.

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