Why Do Guys Undress Us With Their Eyes?

Guys, have you ever, or do you do this and do most guys?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, honestly it isn't something you have to consciously do ether. Its not like guys set there concentrating all their mental compacity to image that perfect girl naked.... Its more like when you look at clouds images can be made out. Its sorta of like a natural tendency. I know from my own experience that if she is attrative to me I have to force myself to stop and even if she is butt-ugle I have to force myself to stop it's just imagination you can't help it. It's sort of their to help give us an idea of the mysteries in our lives, and a girl being naked is one were all primitivly interested in. From what conversation i've had with the ladies its pretty much the same way. Thats why to the most part people have a hard time being around people that there physically repelled by, because it takes so much effort to turn it off....

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