Riddle for extra credit in physics! Please help me pass this class!?

One marksman can fire 5 shots in 5 seconds while another can get off 10 shots in 10 seconds. (We will assume that timing starts when the first shot is fired and ends with the last shot, but the shots themselves will be assumed to take no time.) Which man can fire 12 shots in a shorter time?

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    The one who shots 10 shots in 10 secs will do it faster.

    If time starts when 1st shot is fired and ends with the last shot, the first person shots at the time which could be considered as 0 secs. Then in 5 secs he shots rest of the 4(1st was already shot at the 0th sec). Next 4 shots will take another 5 secs.

    The other marksman shots 1 at 0th sec. The next 9 are shot in 10 secs. Hence this marksman takes lesser time to shoot his 12 th.

  • Marksman 2 because he can shoot more before having to reload! haha.

    Really though - look at it this way. How many seconds does it take each one to fire off ONE shot?

    Marksman 1: 5 shots in 5 seconds = 5/5 = 1 second per shot.

    Marksman 2: 10 shots in 10 seconds = 10/10 = 1 second per shot.

    Wow! their speed per shot is equal - so naturally the answer to 'which man can fire 12 shots in a shorter time' would be...


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    The man who can shoot five shots in five seconds. Since the timer starts after the first shot is fired, then each marksman fires ONE shot before the timer begins. The breakdown is as follows:

    The first marksman: He can shoot five shots in FOUR seconds because he already fired one shot before time started so he can shoot four more shots in four seconds

    The second marksman: He can shoot eleven shots in TEN seconds for the same reason.

    Next, you want to find out how many shots each marksman fired in one second. To do this, divide five shots by four for the first shooter to get 1.25 shots/second (5 shots/4 sec)

    For the second shooter, divide 10 shots by 9 seconds to get 1.11111 shots/second (10 shots/9 sec). Comparing the two numbers, since 1.25 is bigger than 1.111111111, the man who can fire five

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    the man that can shoot 10 shots in 10 seconds 'cause by the tenth shot the other marksman would be on its tenth but lets just say that it wouldn't take the second marksman as long.

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    Same - both fire one shot in one second.

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    Well, in physics class, my teacher taught us to look at things from all angles. Do you have to consider re load times. If both could support the number required, the time would be equal

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    Both will take same time.

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    the one who is holding two guns

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    they would have equal timing

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