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Do you feed the birds in your yard?

I purchased a tube feeder for the goldfinches and a tray feeder for the finches and sparrows, but I feel like I'm throwing nature out of whack by skewing the odds and providing a regular source of good seed. Their behavior isn't as natural as when they forage on their own and I worry about the spread of disease.

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    I have humming bird feeders that I put out in the same place every year, as well as bird feeders for all the others. I have learned to throw out deer corn to help deter the squirrels from the bird feeders. I also have berry bushes that provide a source of food for them, and watching closely I can tell it is mostly the same birds that come back every year.

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    I feed the birds. Whenever I refill the feeder, I wash it out with a bleach and water solution (addresses the disease issue).

    As long as you don't stop feeding, their odds are as good or better than if they were foraging.

    Bear in mind that birds are in decline and can use a little help from us. Pressure from housecats have affected urban and suburban bird populations.

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    Yes, I did feed birds when I owned a house. If you feed them, don't suddenly stop. They will depend on you as a food source. I never had any disease problems. Be prepared that you will also be feeding any squirrels in the area.

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    I love to feed the birds and especially the humming birds.

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