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what about my beardie?

i have a beardie i have had him since he was about the size of my index finger...he is now 4-5 months old and he has a bad temper...the vet told us that he shouldn't be that way...he is fine as long as he is in his tank..but we have this box that we put him in because the cage is too small...and the vet told us to put him in a box 1-2 hours a day, but when we put him in the box he gets extremely angry. He tries to bt people and you have to throw a towel over him to pick him up and get him out...he is fine as long as you don't put him in the box but it's just a card bored box...and it was recommended to why is he acting so aggressive whenever he is in there? I will take every reason possible..

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    I hate to say it but does your vet know much about reptiles? I really do not mean to undermine or contradict a professional but I have had several vets in the area call me for advice on reptiles because I have done so much research on certain species. I also own nearly three dozen reptiles and I generally can care for them sufficiently.

    Not all vets are herp vets and many vets are well trained but for domesticated animals and farm animals.

    If your beardie doesn't like the cardboard box, as mentioned above me, don't put the beardie in the box. Beardies are very social animals and when confined to a cardboard box they are going to get irritated.

    I have a few suggestions for you and you can take them into account or you can ignore me and listen to your veterinarian and other people, it makes no difference to me.

    First, Toss that cardboard box out and get a larger enclosure or build a larger enclosure.

    Second, once the enclosure is built use the old enclosure to put him in when you are cleaning the new enclosure. I wouldn't put anything in the old one but maybe newspaper and only use it when cleaning the other tank. I have several spare tanks, some plastic and some ten gallon tanks and I have them simply because it is easier and safer to house animals in a tank while cleaning their enclosure.

    The third thing I would do is look for a veterinarian that knows a lot about reptiles or at least ask your vet to read up and learn about the Mali Uromastyx or just the Uromastyx species.

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    you may construct believe. which could take time, from time to time even a month; yet it really is amazingly unlikely. you opt for to positioned your hand interior the tank for extra or less 5 minutes an afternoon, do not attempt to snatch your beardie only attempt to 'carry out' next to him. After about a week attempt to carry him interior the cage, never take him out it really is all important so he feels secure. After yet another week, you may attempt to get rid of the beardie from the tank, and position him on the floor yet save protecting him, no longer to tight yet sufficient to have a grip if he tries to leap off. If the beardie nonetheless runs away and establishing its mouth only save protecting him contained in the tank for yet another week and save attempting.

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    Well... stop putting him in the box! he seems to hate it so stop making him mad! Meybe try to hold him for 30 min a day scratch him, hug him and all that stuff he might get a little nicer. Get a bigger cage.. they sell for $10-$20.

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    My beardie used to be very mean untill i spent time with him. Do u ever hold him and pet him under his chin or on his head? Thats what calms mine down. Maybe You should just buy/build a bigger tank for him.

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  • i have a beadrdie, and when i clean his cage i put him in a cardboard box. he trys to get out of it. but once i put he in the cage he is fine. so i could just be that he whats to be in his usual surroundings.

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