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dodgers world series?

do you think the dodgers can make it to the world series and win it

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    the dodgers will definitely make the playoffs and yes they might actually make it to the world series. the dodgers have good young players like martin,ethier,billingsley, and broxton plus veterans like nomar,luis gonzalez, and jason schimdt. lowe,penny,schimdt, and wolf will give the dodgers the solid rotation they need to make it far in the playoffs. if those guys stay healthy the dodgers will get the starting pitching they have lacked in the playoffs the last couple of years. on top of that the dodgers will have one of the best ,if not the best 1,2 hitters in the majors. furcal and pierre are going to provide plenty of hits and stolen bases that will lead to runs.

    i hope the dodgers make it to the world series and play the red sox, so that idiot j.d. drew can realize the mistake he made when he left LA.

  • luci
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    in the starting up, magnificent mullet on the avatar. it truly is humorous. regrettably, evidently like you'd be taken aback at the same time as the Dodgers aren't from now on interior the WS. How is a crew that complete 6 video games over .500 interior the worst branch in baseball considered 'elite'? interior the accepted, the Dodgers could have finshed 13.5 gb. Manny would not get to hit for each person. as well that, their pitching would not tournament up properly in any respect antagonistic to the Phillies or the Cubs. to respond to your question, the pink Sox could could win because the Dodgers truthfully is totally not there.

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    I think they have a very good chance on making it to the World Series due to not being in a good division and having a lot of experience players on their team. Do I think they can win it, maybe depends on who is representing for the American League.

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    No, I think the Red Sox/Yankees will win the World Series.

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  • The Dodgers will make a push in the playoffs, but there is no way in hell they are going to beat the REIGNING WORLD SERIES CHAMPION ST. LOUIS CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice try, but become a Cardinal fan before it's too late.

  • J-Far
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    Sure, just not this year. They're gonna lose to the Mets in the first round again just like last year.

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    Yea, sometime in the next 35 years.

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    i beleive they will make a playoff push and easily win their divison. but i can not see them beating teams like the cardinals or mets in the playoffs.

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    Hopefully not in the next millenium.

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    God I hope not.

    Giants fan for life!!! How you liking Jayson Schmidt?

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