Coldfusion vs. MS Access?

Which is more robust for Web applications? Coldfusion or MS Access?

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    It sounds like you may be confusing ColdFusion with being a database. ColdFusion is actually a web programming language and application server that lets you connect to databases, whereas MS Access is itself a database.

    You wouldn't want to use MS Access as your database for a web application; it's a file-based database that responds slowly, has significant limitations on how big its tables can get, and is prone to data corruption. An MS SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL database would be preferable; these are all client-server databases that were designed for heavy loads, and ColdFusion has built-in drivers for all of them, which makes connecting to them via ColdFusion very simple.

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    Even though you have received this answer already, I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. (:

    I have been developing in Access for 11 years and I love it, but ColdFusion is your best bet for web applications. I do not use Access for any web development.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree. Cold Fusion is more robust and requires some real training, but MS Access has its uses too. I used to use it to create quicky database queries for untrained users.

    The biggest advantage to MS Access is that for most people operating in a corporate environment, it's free.

  • 1 decade ago

    MS Access is weak and should only be used for the development process. Access is a database.

    Coldfusion is a programming language that allows you to interact with data more efficiently. Your kind of comparing apples to carrorts here. Do you need fruits or vegetables?

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