Ohio Graduation Tests for 10th, 11th and 12 graders?

If you live in Ohio and you know what these tests mean, then talk about your experience. My 10th grade daughter took these tests 2 weeks ago, said she didn't know 90% of the questions(was never taught in daily classroom time, they were given a 3 page handout for science section of test. she said there was no question on test related to anything on those 3 pages. this is so frustrating to her and I. she has a tutor in 2nd period but all she can do is read the question different ways-my daughter still didn't understand. then a school counselor said she would be given more time to take the tests, but even with more time- if never taught the information in the daily classroom time, extra time won't mean anything. Its like I-her mom- took the tests with no information given to me. she thinks she is dumb and wants to quit school; these tests are given by the government and teachers don't know the questions given, she has never passed the grade school proficiency tests.


these tests are to tell the government if the kid can graduate along with the 23 credits to graduate. she was held back in 3rd grade and yes it helped. but If it wasn't taught in the classroom at anytime she was in school how do they expect these kids to know the answers- these questions would be beyond their means to answer. very frustrated. want to let her drop out of school. tests are extremely hard. if the same one is given each year what difference would that make??

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    I don't know about the Ohio tests, but we have a similar one in Texas. They have previous years' tests available on-line and they make study books for them. Start by asking the school counselor about a study book. Then go to your state's department of education web site and seach for released tests. Usually on these tests, they have the same "type" of question from year to year, so studying old tests helps you prepare for this year's test.

    Have you expressed your concerns to your daughter's classroom teachers? They might be able to furnish you with some extra study materials. I am sure they have had some kind of training in what topics will be covered on these tests (usually the guidelines the state gives for what should be covered in each grade and subject). They should be making sure they teach the material. They might not teach it exactly like it will appear on the test, but the concepts should have been covered.

    When you go to meet with them, make sure you do not sound like you are accusing them of not covering the material, because they will get defensive and you won't be able to have a productive meeting. You can ask them to explain how they prepare students for the test, and state your concern that your daughter didn't feel ready for it. Then ask if they have any suggestions to help her out, and if they would be willing to work with you to prepare her for the next one. Most teachers are willing to work with parents who show concern.

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