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D S asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Please Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team?

I'm in a 5x5 Head 2 Head League. There are 12 teams in this league.

Please let me know what U think of the current team I have. Should I make any moves?

C Michael Barrett

1B Paul Konerko

2B Chase Utley

3B Garrett Atkins

SS Edgar Renteria

OF Carlos Beltran

OF Matt Holliday

OF Torii Hunter

Util Travis Hafner

BN Hideki Matsui

SP Rich Harden

SP Chris Capuano

RP JJ Putz

RP Jason Isringhausen

P Justin Verlander

P Salomon Torres

P Scott Olsen

BN Akinori Otsuka

BN Anibal Sanchez

BN Kelvim Escobar

BN Ian Snell

I dropped Josh Beckett, added Salomon Torres.

I dropped Jhonny Peralta, added Akinori Otsuka.

I dropped Lyle Overbay, added Anibal Sanchez.

I dropped Frank Thomas, added Kelvim Escobar.

I dropped Melvin Mora, added Ian Snell.

I dropped Javier Vasquez, added Scott Olsen.


I dropped Vazquez cuz he isn't having a good spring.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ok rundown here

    c- barret always reliable

    1b- konerko has another 40 homer season in him

    2b- utley is the best at 2b

    3b- atkins will get alot of rbi with helton and holliday in that lineup

    ss- renterai has gained back old form since coming back to nl

    of- beltran will get ya 40 homers /20 sb/120rbi/bat .300

    of- matt holliday awesome 5 category player

    of- hunter in contract year expect big numbers but a bit of a drop off from the 30 homer season a year ago

    util- hafner is a monster ...nuff said lol

    bn- matsui...great player back with a vengance will hit 25/110/.310

    sp- harden if healthy will k over 200 and could contend for cy young

    sp- caps is a great innings eater and decent k rate

    rp- putz...lets see if last year was a fluke or a taste of things to come....

    rp- izzy is old and injury prone but if healthy can bag ya 20-28 saves this year

    p- verlander will k 200 this year if he avoids soph slump

    p-torres wont get more than 25 saves this year

    p- olsen has a great young arm

    bn- otsuka wont close due to gagne

    bn- sanchez hitter last year speaks for itself

    bn- escobar allways gets hurt but good k rate when healthy

    bn- snell is a sleeper could k 180 this year

    becket for torres was a bad move beckett is looking awesome in spring training i expect 200 k from him this year if healthy

    peralta for otsuka again peralta could be excellent or awful we'll see

    overbay for move

    thomas for escobar...not good move thomas is this years cheapest 40 homer threat in draft with glaus, wells, and rios in the draft

    mora for snell...good move mora is quickly on the decline

    vasquez for olsen is a wash

    you could use another hitter

    some sleepers include ty wigginton, jonny gomes, chris duncan, or adrian gonzalez

    some sleeper pitchers include

    adam wainwright, chuck james, jeremy sowers, or clay hensley

    hope i helped


    and have fun!

  • Jake
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Around a 7. Move Matsui to OF in place of Hunter. This will make you have a great offense. Capuano is having a rough spring training. Trade him for Brett Myers. Torres is setup this year. It was a bad idea to drop Beckett. Yes, this guy did have a bad ERA last year but, its hard to pass off on 15 wins and a good amount of Ks. Otsuka is also setup this year. But he's better than Jhonny, good idea. You should have just dropped Vazquez for Sanchez. Olsen won't do that good this year. And Overbay will really produce and he would be a good backup for Konerko. Move Anibal into Olsen's spot and you should be all set.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like most of the moves you made. I might have tried to trade Beckett because of the name and that he pitches for the red Sox. But the chance to get more saves from Torres still makes it a positive move. Otsuka is a decent speculative pickup as Gagne' s health will be suspect. If Gagne seems fine either grab Jonathon Broxton or someone who's closing. Might have kept Thomas and dropped Overbay for Escobar. Sanchez had great numbers but still something I don't think he'll have a great season. Mora for Snell and Vazquez for Olsen are outstanding moves.

    By making these moves you upgraded your pitching significantly. If Izzy starts on the DL bring back Beckett or Vazquez if they clear waivers. Some injury risk, but outstanding starting pitchers and a slightly above average group of relievers.

    As for your lineup, Barrett isn't a bad guy to have at catcher. Hopefully he'll get more AB this year. Going for a catcher like him instead of Mauer, Martinez or McCann allows more strength elsewhere. At first Konerko is a solid choice. Utley is the best 2B by far and was a good first round choice for you. Renteria is so so at SS. Watch for owners who get impatient and drop a better SS during the early weeks of the season. Atkins is a good choice at third. Your outfield is outstanding. Getting Beltran and Utley is a great bit of luck. Holliday is a very fine OF. Think I'd start Matsui instead of Hunter. Hafner will do great at Util and an added bonus is the Tribe plan to use him occasionally at first this year. So he should gain 1B eligibility at some point and give you a more flexible lineup.

    You should win every category but steals and saves most weeks. Definitely a first place team barring injury.

  • 1 decade ago

    Looks good, but I think you went wrong with droppping Beckett and Vasquez. I know they are injury prone, but you could have used them to trade. Even with injuries, they are still good starters. Your pitching may give you some probs., but I like the fact your not top heavy offensively, meaning all but 1 of your bench slots are filled with pitchers. You definitely could have package Matsui with either Beckett or Vasquez for a top starter or rp.

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  • 1 decade ago

    pik up beckett again cuz hes gunna hav a gud year behind dice-k and schilling, otherwise good moves and nice roster


  • 1 decade ago

    shoulda kept vasquez and ur gonna get ****** at catcher but there's only like 2 good catchers

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