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    The dog comparison good s intention, compared with the person is intimate with, raises a puppy to seem a room business many child to be same, but raised the dog to have to pay the quite much already time, because the dog was same with the person, liked some people accompanying, likes the master with going to the street, also fine arrived the master to care about, if no matter could make the mood with not to be unhappy! Simultaneously the dog dog also may treat as a your friend, because the dog itself comparison understands the will of the people! ! But cat individuality quite independently with arrogant, therefore calculated you do not have the too much time to accompany , itself also may, but the cat has a shortcoming, the department too fondness of countryside, frequently own egress, after sometimes several or the stomach hungry first can go home, also does not have the dog dog to understand the host will of the people, therefore is you unhappy time, the cat cat basically is can manage you, moreover cat quite mischievous, many o'clock can destroy the room business to be already wild, but so long as teaches well , all equally can good be obedient! ! But regardless of wants to raise any animal, certainly had to want in anticipation to be clear, because raised the animal was not an easy matter, did not want because for a while impulse, if were not you obviously likes being able to turn harms ! !

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    Cat small.

    Dog strong.

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    Cats are lazy, cold and proud, but they are easy to manage, as in they do not need us to walk them, do not have much request like how the dogs will expect from their owners. Dogs are active, fun and warm, but do not get a dog if you do not have enough time for it because they need attention badly, and if they don't get the attention they need, they will bite your furnitures/ shoes and destroy your personal belongings.

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