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我想參考各位大大造的句子 謝謝

不需太艱深 與日常生活相關即可

麻煩了 (請附上中文翻譯)


1. Put off:

2. Make up:

3. Figure out:

4. Throw away:

5. Run into:

6. Get over:

7. Prove:

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    1.put off 拖延、推遲

    Don't put off till tomorrow what can be done today.

    別把今天的工作拖延到明天 (今日是今日畢)

    2. make up 捏造杜撰、化妝、組成

    (1)The mother makes up a story for her kids. 這個母親為他的小孩編的一個故事

    (2)The chair is made up of wood. 這把椅子是木頭做的

    (3)She puts on make-up. 她上妝 (此處make up 當名詞)

    3. figure out 想出辦法、理解、

    I cannot figure him out. 我猜不透他

    4.throw away 丟掉

    If you don not like it, just throw it away. 如果你不喜歡,就把它丟了吧

    5. run into 巧遇 = encounter

    I ran into my teacher on the street yesterday. 我昨天在街上碰巧遇到我的老師

    6.get over 克服、恢復、熬過

    (1)She can't get over her shyness. 她無法克服她的羞怯心理

    (2)He'll get over the shock. 他會從驚恐中恢復過來的

    (3)I'm glad to get my operation over. 熬到了手術結束,我很高興

    7. prove 證明,證實

    The lawyer proved the innocence of his client.


    幾乎每個字都有7, 8種解釋




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    1. Put off 延期

    The meeting was put off until next week.


    2. Make up

    a. 彌補損失或缺席

    If you miss a lesson, we can make it up later.

    你如果有缺課, 我們可以補課.

    b. 和解

    Why don't you two children make up and forget all about your quarrel?

    為什麼你們兩個孩子不和解, 把你們的爭吵都忘了呢?

    c. 捏造,杜撰

    That story which John told was not true; he made it all up.

    約翰說的那個故事不是真的, 全都是他杜撰的.

    d. 化粧

    Do you like to see women make up in public?


    3. Figure out 算出, 了解, 會意到

    This letter is so bedly written that I can't figure out what the writer is trying to say.

    這封信寫的太爛了, 我意會不出(無法理解,想像) 寫信的人想說些啥.

    4. Throw away 拋棄,扔掉

    Don't throw away those magazines. I haven't seen them yet.

    不要把哪些雜誌丟掉, 我還沒看ㄟ..

    5. Run into 不期而遇,偶然間發現

    You will never know whom I ran into yesterday.


    6. Get over 恢復,復原

    It took me more than a month to get over my cold.


    7. Prove

    a. 證明,證實

    The lawyer proved the innocence of his client.


    b. 表現,顯示

    She has proved herself unreliable.


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    put off your clothes-放下你的衣服

    please make up a story- 請編一個故事

    let's figure out the problem- 我們來解決這個問題

    can you throw away the drink- 你可以把這飲料丟掉嗎

    She run into the store-她跑進店裡

    I need to get over with this-我得處理完這個

    You have to prove it- 你得證明這個

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