Can you identify this light, single engine USAF aircraft?

This aircraft flew over the house today while I was transplanting my corn seedlings to the garden.

I live right next to a airport so single engines are always whizzing by and I hardly notice.

However, this one did not land and it passed by with a nice loud sound...and with some zip. I suspect it was just sightseeing over the lake. That happens a lot.

Unusual design. The fuselage ended and two struts continued to the stabilizers. It was grey. It sported the star on the starboard wing and "USAF" on the port.

(Sorry about the drawing. I am no artist.)


Nope. Wasn't the OV-10. Similar design though.

The aircraft I saw was smaller and only had a single engine on the leading front. Not on the wings.

Update 2:

Nope. Not a P-38. Again, the plane I saw only had one engine.

Update 3:

You know what. I bet it is the O-2 Skymaster, Cessna 337. I just didn't notice the rear engine. (It flew directly overhead and I was unable to see the profile.)

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    1 decade ago
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    What you drew is definitely a push me/pull you. O2. I was intimately acquainted with one long enough to get shot down. That probably has something to do with not liking to fly unless I'm the pilot.

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    Sounds like a Cessna 337, an inline twin engine that pulls from the front and pushes from the back. Big cabin with twin booms going to the tail. I do not know the air force calls it. Look for a movie, BAT 19 or BAT something. Aircraft was used as an observation craft with crew of one or two.

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    Cessna o-2B super skymaster, a Vietnam aircraft

    go to yahoo image type in single engine Vietnam 1st row last one

    the drawing looks something I saw on the history or military channel

    Source(s): I look it up
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    Probably an OV-10 which is a spotter plane, the Air Force may call it something different but the Marine Corps calls them OV-10

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    1 decade ago

    The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is a turboprop-driven light attack and cargo aircraft, and it looks like your drawing. Here's a top view -

    It has twin propellers though, your's doesn't...

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