how do i write a bibliography for an online resource? could you give an example please

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    It depends on if you are using the entire site, or just one page from the site.

    Here's an example for an entire site:

    Electronic Poetry Center. 2003. SUNY Buffalo. 25 Sept. 2003 <>.

    Here's an example if you are only using a page from a website:

    Martin, Thomas R. "An Overview of Classical Greek History from Homer to Alexander." Perseus Digital Library. Ed. Gregory R. Crane. 1999. Tufts U. 25 Sept. 2003 <http://perseus.>.

    This website has examples of all of the MLA citation styles:

    Another good site is, just make sure that you check what it gives you against the first site.

    Good Luck!

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    Write the title of the article, the date you retrived it from the internet and the EXACT link. An example:

    Defining Diversity, Prejudice, and Respect. Retrieved October 17, 2006, from

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    Author's last name, author's first name (if known). "Article Title." Date the article was released. <URL> (date you accessed the article)


    Lajoie, Roger. "Ohio State, UCLA book spots in Final Four." 24 Mar 2007. < (25 Mar 2007)

    That's a very basic one. If you got the article from a database, it's a bit more complicated.

    Hope that helped.

    Source(s): School's A+ manual, which follows MLA.
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    you know, this is a website that will do all of that for you:

    however, if you want to do it yourself, here's a website:

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