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Sandy soil?

Finally spring has arrived and I can begin planting my spiritual garden! The soil is very sandy and the weather is bitter cold at times. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    We lived in an area with very sandy soil (and bitter cold weather at times too LOL)

    One thing we did that helped was have black soil hauled in. We dumped it over the sandy soil-and if I remember right had to add to it every couple of years...

    It helped with plant growth!

    Also this type of soil needs lots of care and watering!!!

    With the right work you can get pretty much anything to grow there though!

    Good luck!!!!!

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    I remember the first garden I got into. I chose a plot that was full of blackberry vines. Well that was a chore, painful at times to get the vines out. Then I saw I had to go deeper in that the roots kept shooting up new growth. I had to dig, a shovel at a time and sift through all the soil to remove EVERY root. Took quite awhile because the garden was large. Then I had to put lime and fertilizer in the soil, mixing them well, being careful not to put too much. Well, I finally was able to plant the seed, and would check on them daily in high anticipation to see if they were sprouted yet, and finally one day the seed began sprouting. I would watch in amazement as the little tender plants got bigger and stronger, but I knew I would have to constantly water and weed around them or they would die. Then the plants got stronger and stronger and began putting on fruit. Such a joyous occasion to see fruit from all that labor !!! As the fruit was coming to maturity I still had to keep an eye on the plant watching for anything ( disease and insects ) that would try to destroy the fruit and eliminate it. Every once in a while I had other things to do, so I had a friend to help water and watch for harmful attacks. What a harvest !!! Beautiful plants with plenty of fruit. Some plants were more fruitful than others, and some fruit were larger and some fruit was tastier. I saw that the time and effort was well worth the energy and patience I had put into the garden.

    Till the ground: Fasting and prayer

    Preparing nutrition for the soil: Speaking the Word with understanding ( My Word shall not return unto me void ).

    Watering: Some may help so all can reap together.

    Diseases and pestilence: Be fully equipped to stave off any influence that would try to destroy the plant and fruit.

    And one more thing that is MOST important :

    Clean your own garden before attempting to clean someone elses ( Be a partaker of your own first fruits ).


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    I live where the soil is pretty sandy, which makes great gardens!! As for the weather, I would try to wait as long as I could for frosts to cease. I've heard of putting bags over the plants during the nights when it could get colder...maybe a paper bag, then taking them off in the sun in the morning. Good luck, I'm ready for my garden also!!

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    I would try removing as much of the sandy soil as possible and replacing with a good garden soil. You have to add alot of soil to sand in order not to create a form of concrete which will bind and scorch the roots of plants. or, check out plants that enjoy sandy soil....try cactus and yucca or other succulents....good luck

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    This all depends on what you want to plant. some plants like the well drained soil this depends where you are at. In Southern California we some times imprt sand to plant palms and such. So your best bet is to either plant plants that like sandy soil or import and mix som compost/topsoil.

    Source(s): 27 years of Landscape experience. 9 years as president of (CLCA) California Landscape Contractors Association.
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    add topsoil/compost or plant plants that like to be well drained. I would also install a rainbird drip line to water your garden. Were is your garden what is the zone your in sun or shady all this will help you in planting.

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