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Plant Hybrids?

What are the rules with mixing different kinds of plants? Do they have to be close genetically? Like, what kind of plants could I mix together?

Could I mix Cannabis with a Venis Fly Trap? Or... Cannabis with a Maple Tree? Soz I could just tap into it and make THC Syrup? Or like... Cannabis with like a type of shrub like a Juniper bush?

Help me out here.


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    What differentiates plant species are whether or not they may be able to reproduce with each other. What limits this in nature is proximity (do the two plants live near enough to each other for polinators like bees to visit them both on the same forage flight), and the actual structure of the flower (does the structure of one allow for the pollen from the other to reach the ova in the base of the blossom).

    Artificial pollination is done all the time by plant breeders, but most often within the species. In nature plants have been known to do it between species but usually within the genus (e.g. sugar and red maples). This is not unheard of but not common either. Plant breeders very carefully use specialized tiny instruments to painstakingly transfer pollen from one flower to another (think teeny q-tips and tweezers). It is tedious work.

    You could try to do it with the very different plants you listed, but most likely the resulting seed, if in the very unlikely event you actually got fertilization, would be sterile and not grow. At best you would get a plant that would have sterile flowers or wouldn't flower at all. (I can't imagine how high the odds are against getting this far.) You're interested in THC--the highest concentrations of which are located in the flowering structures, right? So that makes it all the less probable.

    The problem is that each plant needs to produce just the right enzymes, proteins, hormones, etc. at just the right time, in the right amounts, for proper growth. Also, plant structures vary tremendously---how to reconcile woody tissue (maple) with herbaceous stems (cannabis)? The DNA determines all this, and if the girl plant's DNA can't "talk" to the boy plant's, then you get no fertilization.

    Sorry no good news here, but you sound like quite the entrepeneur! Keep up the thinking, hopefully eventually in something legal, because you've got a great inventive mind!

    I forgot one thing--genetic engineering. If you were to isolate the gene in cannabis that is responsible for THC production, you could insert it into a maple and see if you could get that sap you were talking about. Have no idea if it would work, but scientists use genetic engineering all the time now--80% of the corn grown in the US is gen.engineered. BTW, this poses no health hazard, just a possible ecological one.

    Source(s): I'm a plant physiologist and teach college biology.
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    Why are you so obsessed with Cannabis?

    1) No, you cannot mix it with Venus' fly trap.

    2) No, you cannot mix it with a Maple tree either.

    3) No, Juniper bush is also out of the question.

    No I cannot help you in this weired activity.

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    Yo, Dr. Frankenweed, smoke the doobage less and read a bookage more....ya cant mix plants with...other plants.


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    You need to try to stay in the same gene pool.....each plant has its own food requirements...for fruit production...climate...and just plainly if one will mate with the other..

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