5'6 and weights 155?

my girlfriend thinks she is heavy with the above numbers...what should I tell her?

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  • berrel
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    1 decade ago
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    that she's hot and you love her

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    I don't think so, especially if you consider muscle tone, etc. Even though BMI isn't a perfect way to measure if someone is overweight or not, it gives a general idea/range. She is borderline overweight according to the BMI calculator, but I am only 20lbs overweight according to my doctor, and the calculator puts me at obese. The thing is, I am pretty muscular as I have an athletic build and it skewes my number.

    I would ask her that if she thinks she is heavy (and you don't believe she is), that maybe she just thinks she is soft. If so, have her try out yoga or pilates, or maybe do weight lifting twice a week to firm up (try Curves as it is resistance training, and won't gain bulk).

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    Wow, to start off with, women are just like that, and if she's insecure about herself then you just need to be telling her that you love her no matter what. The greatest thing my boyfriend has ever done for me is to tell me how beautiful and how skinny I am and how much he thinks I could be a wonderful model. And this really boosted my self-esteem especially because I had gotten really sick and gained weight with everything I ate, to the point of me trying to eat as little as possible. And even through me being sick he still would tell me I was the most beautiful girl in the world. Although you don't have to go that far with what you tell her, just remind her that you love her for who she is. And if she really wants to do something about it, then you support her totally, but not to get too carried away with it. All women are insecure about their body, it's totally natural.

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    Well i'm 5 '6 and weigh between 130-140. It goes up and down. But the doc. told me to not only believe the scale, but pay close attention to how your clothes is fitting you. 'Cause the scale numbers go up and down throughout the day early in the morning, evening, and at night.

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    that's in the normal/average range for her height. 'Heaviness' isn't just determined by the numbers the scale shows. There are lots of factors such as height and muscle mass. Muscle ways more than fat, so sometimes having higher numbers isn't so bad if it's muscle!!

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    dude, im 5'6 and weigh 155!

    im only 155 because my doctor told me to GAIN weight. i used to be 145 and he said i was underweight.

    she's fine, especially if she exercises.

    if she still feels like Two Ton Annie, tell her, "at least you dont look like Twiggy."

    it's pretty funny

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    she's 15-25 pounds overweight

  • 1 decade ago

    If i was an adult i would wan to look like her!

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