What is the answer to the riddle of Encyclopedia Brown's Mystery???

What is the answer to the Encyclopedia Brown Mystery in when Charlie searches for teeth with Encyclopedia but is shot in the toe? This is mystery is when they go teeth hunting in the ancient burial grounds, and then someone who is with an air gun shoots Charlie in the foot. They also find a felt hat that belongs to one of the tigers.

When Charlies foot starts bleeding he and Encyclopedia go to Dr Ross, and for Charlie to be able to walk around the doctor reccommends him to cut a hole in his shoe where the toe is supposed to be.

Encyclopedia goes outside and finds Duke, a Tiger pacing around and asks him to go and get Charlies shoe, in his room. He comes back with the right shoe, and then they cut it and put it on. It fits perfectly.

Then Encyclopedia goes outside and accuses Duke of being the shooter. He said that Duke shot Charlie and then followed them to the doctors office, to see how badly he was hurt and that he made the same mistake every criminal does. WHAT WAS DUKE'S MISTAKE?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    His mistake was hanging around to see his handywork.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He brought back the right shoe...anyone else would have brought both, because they don't know which toe is hurt...

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