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What does the expression/slang "Word" mean?

I often hear people just say 'word' ..what does it really mean?

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    It's when you're not clever enough or too lazy to think of the right word for the situation, so you say "word" as in "insert proper word or phrase here".

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    lets use it in an example:

    hey did you hear james got shot yesterday

    word? (right here it could mean, are you serious? or for real? and is usually said like woorrrd????)


    hey i gotta go to work their is some leftovers in the fridge ok\

    word word (ok right on, cool cool it can mean any of those)

    so yeah just listen to how its used.

    Source(s): i use "word" from time to time
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    "word" means what the person is saying is being understood in a good way. If it's a question ("word?") then that means "really?".

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    It has a dual meaning because of the character of Jesus. Jesus is the living word. It also means the Bible as the word of God.

    Source(s): The Bible
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    It means that one person is verifying the statement of another as true. For instance, if I say, " Wow it's cold out here." and my friend says, "Word." He/She is verifying that it is indeed cold. And that is another lesson in "Talking Black." Tune in next week for the meaning of "Know wat I'm sayin."

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    It means like:






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    knowledge or information.

    Put the word out!

    Word has it. etc., etc., etc.

  • shabo
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    it means they will keep it a secret or keep hush hush about somn

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    darn right

    you know it

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