American Express BlueSky Credit card good?

I was looking at airline miles credit cards, and this one has no annual fee. It says the card and the rewards program is fee-free. From their main website: "0.00% Introductory APR (0.0000% DPR) for Purchases for your first 6 months of Cardmembership. Then, a variable APR of 13.24% (0.0363% DPR);15.24% (0.0418% DPR); or 18.24% (0.0500% DPR), depending on our review of your application and credit history."

Unlimited Travel Choices, Zero Travel Restrictions, Any airline, No blackout dates, Any hotel, No seat restrictions, Any cruise, No Saturday overnight stay requirements, Any car rental, No advance purchase requirements, Any travel package.

How good does this card sound as a airline miles credit card? Any reviews on this card? Basically I just like the idea of spending money on the expenses I usually buy while earning points towards a airplane ticket.


Reply: Hm, how much credit would I need to get that card? So far I went through 3 billing cycles with capital one and paid them all in full each time, and I plan to pay it all off in full for every cycle and any credit card.

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    Aside from the no annual payment feature of the American Blue Express it also offers cash returns on selected purchases. Users of the American Blue Express also get protection for online credit card transactions. This card aims to correct the many misconceptions about the American Express credit cards one which is the belief that it is a credit card only for rich people or those who can afford the costs of maintaining a credit card.

    Getting this card will also mean getting access to a lot of other cards offered by American Express. A person can get the other credit cards for the other members of his family. American Express caters to people of different style and preferences. There is a suitable card for everyone in the family and they can all come from American Express. The company also aims to target a niche market for credit cards particularly women and the younger segment of the society. The American Blue Express was created to the needs of the market.

    There are a lot of perks and advantages from using American Blue Express including charge summary and access to credit information anytime seven days a week. This enables a card user to organize and keep track of his expenses and payables. The annual credit summary will also be very helpful for tax filing purposes. American Blue Express credit card holders should also check the latest special offers and bonus from selected merchants accepting the Blue card. But one feature that users will be glad to have is the fraud protection security offered by the Blue card that promises to take care of fraudulent charges against the user. Among the other features that may perhaps encourage people to get their America Blue Express credit card is the insurance coverage for car rentals. Immediate replacement for loss cards as well as the service Hotlines. Apply online for a best American Express BlueSky Credit card at and get instance approval.

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    If you only have 1 credit card-- and have only paid through 3 billing cycles-- you might have a difficult time getting this card. AMEX has one of the strictest approval guidelines, and you'll need to establish some more credit if you haven't had another card before.

    That being said, Chase has a much less strict approval process. They have a couple great airline credit cards available with a slightly higher APR-- but a much longer 0% intro APR. You might consider the Chase Flexible Rewards Visa, or the Chase Travel Plus Visa here:

    There are also many other competitive offers you might want to consider first. The AMEX Blue Sky is a good offer-- but probably not the best. Compare other offers before you decide.

    Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!

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    Blue Sky From American Express

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    Depends if you plan to pay it off or carry a balance.

    If you plan to carry a balance, there are cards that have longer O% introductory periods, such as 15 months that would be more financially beneficial than the ailine benefits offerred.

    If you plan to pay it off every month, this is a great card for travel rewards. The only downfall is that you can't depend on it singularly. Many vendors don't accept AMEX because they charge the vendors a little more...I think 3% as opposed to Visa's 1.5%.

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    I wouldn't carry this card if they gave you money to use it. They hide the terms on their website, which makes it impossible to compare this card to other cards. When they do this, it usually means that they have bad terms attached. Honestly, you usually don't get much with mileage cards, unless you go on a ton of plane rides, and if you do that, you need an airline card. If you aren't a frequent traveler, than get a card with lower expenses.

    Here are things you need to find out.

    Billing Cycle- average daily balance or two-cycle average daily balance. Always avoid the 2nd.

    Grace period- Go for 20 days or more, and watch your statements for changes

    Look for a card with low annual fees. Blue has high fees.

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