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Stolen sidekick 3 phone?

I was driving in a car drunk with these guy "friends" and they went through my backpack then 2 days later i relize that my phone is missing i call them and they are saying they dont have it, then they ignore my phone calls, then i call back again, they say oh i think we may have found it in the car. think they're gonna give it back at school? i mean...i have all of my classes w/ them...

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    If they don't give it back first thing Monday start telling people. You might want to kind of leave out the drunk part unless you have to .

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    omg same thing happened 2 me but my ex-bf was the one who stole it and i call him and he ignores my calls,if they dont give u back ur phone then call the cops trust me they could get arrested cuz the arrested a guy who stole a sidekick .... ps. i still havent gotton my sidekick back.. i think i have to buy a new one, ugh!

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  • If it was me i would. I would tell your parents. Demand it back and threaten to go to the police if they don't

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