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kitty asked in PetsCats · 1 decade ago

What does it mean when a cat does this?

My cat JJ put his head and started rubbing on my forhead, and purring , and started licking me all around my face.


He does this when he wakes me up in the mourning , and every night when I try to sleep

Update 2:

He always has food and water out for him to eat , why does he want me to get up.

Update 3:

It's always around 3 in the mourning

Update 4:

I dont know how old he is, but He's not a kitten any more

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    It's a mark of affection. Cats have scent glands on their faces, so you cat is smearing you with his scent. He regards you as another cat, just one that is very large and lacks fur. If you gently bump your head against his and rub your cheek, that will help you bond with him.

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    I'm not a cat owner and put little stock in the idea that cats show love to there owners. I mean no strings attached love but that discussion would start WW4. Or at least get me a few death threats. The answer I know for sure is that this behavior is a display that the cat accepts you as part of their group or pride. The big cats in the wild do this head butting too with other members of their group only. It does not mean they love you (I mean I'm sure they like you but the fact they don't go live at the neighbors is proof enough of that) some cats headbutt (exactly as you described) then scurry away from their human or even swat if petting is attempted. This forehead to forehead rubbing or butting is the highest form of acceptance from a cat. It's the cat telling you, "You are one of us".

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    Unfortunately for you JJ can't tell time he has decided that this is a good time for some affection and pets. He doesn't understand that the cat chow doesn't just magically refill itself and the words work and job are foreign to him. I have a cat that does the same thing about two hours before my alarm goes off he stands on my side and believe me he's no light weight and kneads me and the blanket with his paws if I ignore him he goes away and comes back when the chances are more likely to be reciprocated. Ahh the joys of having a cat!!!!!

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    I would not discourage either one. They are signs of affection.

    Cats will not always rub their head on a person's head. If they do, it is usually a sign of respect and especially trust. You must have a very good relationship with your cat.

    The licking is a thing they do "sharing tongues" (cleaning) when they gather into groups or clans. Not all cats do it. This is another sign of trust and respect. It basically means you belong, you are accepted.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cats are nocturnal and sleep most of the day and some nights. the older they get the more they sleep. your cat is sleeping during the day when you are out.

    his playtime starts about 3am when you are dreaming of your next travel adventure.

    he is communicating with you in his loving fashion which is rubbing (touching) and licking (kissing) his beloved owner.

    sorry you internal clock and his do not match.

    its up to you to decide whether to keep him out of your room or just move him to the floor when he does this. sooner or later he will get the hint. (about 4 mths later) but he will get the hint.

    ps, he loves you so try not to get too mad at him. he is just looking for company

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    The purring is to calm you, basically it means 'I mean you no harm'. It also means 'I'm feeling relaxed'. The rubbing is affection, JJ is marking you with his scent. The licking is also affection, akin to monkeys fleaing.

    When a cat licks itself after you've stroked it, it is tasting your scent. To cats, smell is king, so the stronger the smell of where it belongs, the stronger the bond.

  • Anonymous
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    Rubbing against your forehead is called headbutting, but in cat language, he's telling you he loves you! Everything you described are signs of affection.

    Some cats get more affectionate as they age, they mellow out, others are like it from the start and some never get into that mushy stuff lol.

    Source(s): Ex breeder 20+ years, shelter foster carer and cat slave.
  • MnKLmT
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    my cat is a year old and he still does those nuzzling behaviors... it really puzzled me at first, but i've realized, through interacting with my cat, that its just his way of showing affection. or, if he's scared when i take him to the vet, he'll grab my chin with his teeth, gently, and lick my chin.

    earlier, i was taking a nap and he hopped up on my chest, licked my chin and cheeks all over, purring, and then nuzzled his head under my chin, and flipped over on his back, with his head nuzzled against my chin, and fell asleep... it just mean jj loves you!! my kitty does it all the time too.. especially when he's happy to see me or after i feed him

    my cat usually sleeps under the covers, and since me and my hubby usually sleep in the buff, we keep our door shut because we have a roommate..and when my kitty, hannibal, wants out to use the litter box.. he'll smack my face with his paws and lick me until i wake up!!!

    but other than that.. its just affection. and even if jj isn't a kitten.. he can still show kitten like affection... remember..your kitty looks at you as a "grown up" cat.... so... he'll show you love and try to mock your behavior even!

    we are lucky girls to have such affectionate kitties!! mine is my baby... my heart and soul!!

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    It's a very common cat behavior. I have a theory. Have you ever noticed how cats sleep? They are never sound asleep like we are at night. It's POSSIBLE that some cats may be "concerned" at how deeply we sleep, and are trying to see if you're "alright." After all, you've been motionless for about 6 hours. Kitty might wonder if you're dead! It's just a theory.

    Just push him away, give him a little (not harsh) "spanking" and eventually, he'll get the message and stop. 3 IS to early to be waking you up, LOL.

    Source(s): 26 years experience as a cat owner.
  • jewel
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    1 decade ago

    Good question, my cat wakes me up too in the middle of the night around 3 or 4 o'clock A.M.I think she just wants you to be awake because she's up. Mine also has some dry food out if she gets hungry. When I get up, she's seems satisfied, just lays down washing or whatever.. She usually sleeps on my bed & wouldn't go there until I go to bed. other wise she just waits in tne livingroom, you know cats have funny ways of doing things, yours just wants you up thats all, be happy he misses you when you're sleeping, I've known a few cats doing that.there's nothing wrong with him only miss your sleep.

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    all cats wake their owners at 3 or 4am in the morning. if rubbing the face and purring doesn't work, then they start the game of toe mice.

    that is, they chase your toes and catch them like they are mice.

    this is in the handbook you were given when you got the cat. I know you didn't see it. your cat, like my cat and all other cats, shredded it.

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