What are the top classic RAP albums ever?

I'm talking about classic rap, from back in the day before it was all about showing how much money you have, and how big your rims are, and how illiterate you are. Good examples of groups include Naughty by Nature, Public Enemy, Tribe Called Quest, N.W.A... Their lyrics were sooooo good and creative. I need to increase my album library and I want to have more classic rap other than the 3 that I have now.


oh you're kidding! i can't believe someone put Jay-Z. I'd swallow a gallon of broken glass before I grouped him with classic rap acts.

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    1 decade ago
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    heres some of bobs favorites.

    All Eyez on Me-2pac

    Greatest Hits-2pac

    Me Against the World-2pac

    The Don Killumanti: The 7 Day Theory-2pac

    Ready to Die-Notorious B.I.G

    Life After Death-Notorious B.I.G


    Doggystyle-Snoop Dog

    Marshall Mathers LP-Eminem

    Enter the Wu Tang(36 Chambers)-Wu Tang

    Wu Tang Forever-Wu Tang

    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx-Raekwon

    Tica-Method Man

    Ironman-Ghostface Killah

    Fishscale-Ghostface Killah

    Liquid Swords-GZA

    Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous-Big L

    The Big Picture-Big L

    Paid in Full-Eric B & Rakim

    Capital Punishment-Big Pun

    The Infamous-Mobb Deep

    Hell on Earth-Mobb Deep

    those are all bangers from the 90's, back when it took skill to be able to call yourself a emcee and not just a record deal and a mic. Also in the summer 8 diagrams and only built 4 cuban linx 2 comes out, if only built 4 buban linx 2 is antyhign like the original its gonna be a classic and wu tang has never put out pop bullshit and called it rap, so bob would imagine 8 diagrams is gonna be a classic too. like RZA said "how can hip hop be dead if wu tangs forever?"

  • qwerty
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    1 decade ago

    Any of Eric B. and Rakim's albums.

    Any Gangstarr Albums (besides no more Mr. Nice Guy)

    Black Moon-Enta Da Stage

    Black Sheep-Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

    Low End Theory and Midnight marauders

    Wu-Tang Clan-Enter The 36 Chambers

    Tha Alkaholiks-21 and Over

    Early Redman Albums

    Souls Of Mischief-93 'Til Infinity

    Common Sense-Resurrection

    The Coup-Kill My Landlord or Genocide and Juice

    Extra Prolific-Like It Should Be

    Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-I Wish My Brother George Was Here

    And many more, I just got kind of bored.

  • Pookie
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    1 decade ago

    TuPac - Strictly 4 My Ni**az & Me Against The World

    Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die

    Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt

    DeLaSoul - 3 Feet High And Rising

    Dr. Dre - The Chronic

    Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full

    The Fugees - The Score

    Nas - Illmatic

    Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang

    Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca And The Soul Brother

  • Lupita
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    1 decade ago

    Craig Mack


    I love Biggie

    Public Enemy definitely Fight the Power

    Run DMC is one of my favorites also

    MC Lyte

    but one of my all time favorites is KRS-One

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Chronic..........Dr.Dre

    Doggystyle........Snoop dogg

    2 of the best

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