Natural environment, history, level of economic development are factors that influence population patterns.

Which factor do you think is the most important? Give reasons for your explanation.

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    Natural environment - If you were to look at cave populations You would notice All populations stay close to the same In comparison of the others. More isopods more fish. over population will eventually cause that population to die back to a point that the earth can provide for it. Its not nice to mess with mother nature.

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    i think the natural environment hits the top list--u wud not wanna live in a desert-or in ice cold antartic-climate,people and surrounding shud b conducive to ur living lifestyle--if ur white--i dont think hot spicy food wud suit ur palate,i m brown and i wud not wanna live on burgers and pizzas all yr-i wud like a mixture of everything-course rite now every kinda food is available everywhere--temp shd not b sky high or downright low--perfect place--perfect reproduction-think thats how this rates

    Source(s): geography
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