Why is this happening? I study well and I did bad in exams!?

I really was studying so good I even asked our instructor about several things and solved a previouse exam.. Damn!!!!

I left some multiple choice questions unsolved ... !!! I was too slow ...

I was hoping I get "A" in this subject, it's easy course ... I think now I will get bad grades as usual :(

I'm feeling so saaaaaaaad !! I'm hating this course after this F***** midterm

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Somethings that are crucial:

    1) Get enough sleep you do your real learning while you sleep so it plugs into your brain in "Long term"

    2) Eat a very good break feast the morning of the exam very healthy so it help you do better

    3) During the day ( if this class is later in the school day) Study in free time and during lunch go over things a few times so you really have it in your head

    4) Don't justt do Major studing right before the test you should always go over what you were taught that day at home and try to remeber it

    5) Take VERY GOOD notes and study those and make sure you write nice enough to read it later

    6) If you don't like how you did on something talk to your teacher about it

    7) If speed is what you lack practice on training your mind to become faster so you'll do better

    8) When you study make sure you go over the things you are sure will be on the test the most so you get the bigger questions

    9) When taking the test skip questions you don't get and go back that way you don't spen half the time trying to figure out one question I did that nce >.< just make sure you GO BACK to the question have a piece of scrap paper and write down the questions you skip

    10) Relax yourself you will be okay :)

    Source(s): I have taken enough tests :)
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    1 decade ago

    First of all put this one mid term in its proper place. In two years you won't even remember taking it. Some people have test anxiety. Study to take the test, not to learn the material. As you study make up questions that may be on the test (the best study guide is getting your hand on a previous test) If you see that you are not going to finish a multiple choice test (and your work does not need to be shown) make sure you mark the rest of the test randomly. .... you may get lucky and get at least one right, which is better than none. Get a good nights rest the night before and eat breakfast the day of the test. Look at the curve... how did everyone else do? Being you have a talking relationship with the prof I hope he cuts you some slack when the final grade come due, at least you are not just a slacker and are trying.

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe you get really stressed out during exams. If the subject is math you are probably getting stressed out during the test (big articles in the news last month about this). I used to get nervous about tests until I realized I was studying and approaching the test incorrectly. Of course my method might not work for you, because each person is different on how they learn and apply what they have learned. Testing is a tool that evaluate what you have learned. So, if you use this premise as a guide then you might be able to take the tests bettter. Don't just memorize what you need to learn, but LEARN the subject as much as possible.

    Hope this helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    Some people are very smart, but when it comes to a test, they loose it. I knew one guy that was fabulous at taking tests, but couldn't remember it 2 weeks later. Talk with your instructor for advise.

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  • 1 decade ago

    work hard on ur speed

    Most succesfull people in life was hardworker

    speed matter only in exams

  • 1 decade ago

    maybe you are too stressed or sth. try cooling yourself, as well as your mind.

    you cant hate it, coz you HAVE to learn it no matter what. if you hate it, it will be harder for you to learn...

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