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請幫忙我找出他們的意思~~~ 謝謝大家!!

1.promotion character

2.down jacket(down quilt/knit cap/gloves/scarf/earmuffs)


4.internet addiction disorder

5.OCD(obsessive-compulsice disorder)

6.sleeping disorder

7.anniversary sale

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    1. promotion character: 特色, 賣點; 特點

    2. down jacket: 羽毛夾克

    down quilt: 羽毛被, knit cap:編織帽, gloves:手套, scarf:圍巾, earmuffs: 禦寒用的耳罩

    3. chap: (皮膚)龜裂

    peel: 脫皮, itch: 癢, dry:乾, tight: 緊繃

    4. internet addiction disorder: 網路上癮症

    5. OCD(obsessive-compulsice disorder): 強迫症

    6. sleeping disorder: 睡眠障礙

    7. anniversary sale: 週年慶特賣

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