Tell me your opinon of Libra's?

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    allways fun. cool happy.

    allways making friends.

    but if libra gets mad you are death.

    anyway i am libra.

  • 1 decade ago

    Although the scales most obviously symbolise balance, the Libran is not always perfectly balanced. A set of weighing scales is rarely so, going up and down a lot of the time,and this is the case of people born under this sign. One moment the Libran will indeed be calm and balanced, but also you can be annoying, argumentative, stubborn, irritable, depressed and confused. You can be frustrating to others in your inconsistency. You seek harmony but can be prone to over-indulge in eating, drinking or sex. This over-doing it can be the biggest threat to your health so watch out for it. By turns you can be very industrious, then indolent and lazy, because you need to alternate your periods of frenetic activity with complete rest. Often it is as if you are two different people. Your emotions, high or low, are deep and rich. You shun exaggeration and hate embarrassing displays of violence, anger or passion. You love to weigh things up, to analyse and balance the pros and cons in your mind. This versus that, this way or the other? So you seem to others to be indecisive, although you probably deny it. Mostly you will be scrupulous and honest, not careless. You like to take your time deciding on the right course and get it right. At heart you are artistic and have a love of books and libraries.

    Love & Blessings


  • 1 decade ago

    I am an Aries...known for being stubborn and thick-headed and a lot of my friends are Libras. I say they keep me balanced because they are very laid back and fun

  • 1 decade ago


    but they can be really cool. if your a guy.

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