what are the best things to have in a survival kit?

i'm aware of water, first aid kit, batteries, radio, rope, flashlight, knife, matches.

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    Are you talking about a home survival kit or an outdoor portable survival kit? Try to be more clear so you get better answers. The best advice I can give, basing my advice on a home kit, would be to pack a few blankets or even a space blanket if you're able to get out to the sun, either water purification tablets or a water purifier- like a backpacking pump purifier (Katadyn Hiker is a good buy), and either some Survival "block" type crackers, or some MRE's, Meals Ready to Eat. Also, you might not even want to buy a flashlight with batteries, you could buy a shake light (when you shake it, it charges up electricity and then you can use it)- and don't forget that it should be a wind-up radio! You can find all this kinda stuff at a military surplus store or at any survival site. If you're living with someone or have family close by, it is also a great idea to establish a meeting plan at such a place and time. Good Luck.

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    Signaling mirror, flares, a roll of gauze for fashioning either a tourniquet or a sling for severe injuries. It is also a good idea to include some fishing line and fish hooks in case a stranded individual stumble upon a body of water with fish or other kinds of edible water creatues like crawdads. You might also want to have a few space blankets on hand. Space Blankets are just big sheets of aluminum that trap your own body heat to keep you warm, and they're about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Oh yeah, don't forget a map and compass these are a big help in an emergency. Hope this helps.

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    I carry a survival blanket, retains me heat and may well be utilized for signalling. Potassuim Permanganate, would nicely be utilized to start hearth, sterilise water, cope with wounds, and write on snow. A heliograph ( look it up ) water-resistant fits. Glow stick. First help kit. A condom ( placed in a sock holds 4 litres of water) learn how to apply the kit. electric kit is ineffective, except you ensue to have an Epirb, or locator beacon. nutrition and water pointless too, purely makes kit heavy and you not so probably to hold it. you may stay to tell the story 3 days devoid of water, and a week devoid of nutrition. you will die in one day of exposure. focus your kit on preserving you alive for the night, and helping SAR communities locate you day after as we communicate.

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    Knife and fire starter are all you need in a short run. In a long run you need to think about the ways not to get yourself in a survival situation, because then whatever you have wouldn't be enough anyway

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    1-A couple feet of baling wire. You'd be amazed how many uses it can have.

    2-Some baby wipes. They are also very useful.

    3-A small Swiss army knife or a leatherman multi-tool.

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    The only other thing I would want would be a 6' 9" 300 lb. companion to survive with me (and some crackers).

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    Your list is really good...I would add water purification tablets to it tho in case you run out of stored drinking water.

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    latex condoms,astroglide,wet wipes,ciggarettes,matches,scented candles,morning after pills!

    The ultimate Intercourse Survival Kit! lol

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    flare!!! or your always good tarp great easy shelter from alot of the elements

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    I read in a survival book to always carry the Bible

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