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American Revolution & Canada?

I have to write a report.. about what the american revolution had to do with canada and stuff. Any sites or any info you can give will be greatly appreciated :( I forgot my s.s binder, so it sucks.

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    Canada figures largely in the American War of Independence.

    Prior to the French & Indian War, American colonists feared the French and their Indian allies. With the British victory at the Plains of Abraham, France left North America and the threat was removed. This made the colonies feel less dependent on Britain for defense. Meanwhile, the British parliament thought that colonies should have to pay more taxes to pay for the war.

    During the war, a large number of Americans were called "Tories" because they opposed independence and supported Britain. Many of them fled to Canada to remain British subjects, and their descendents are still Canadians today.

    The Americans tried to invade Canada in 1775 and in 1777. Both invasions ended in American defeats within Canada, the 2nd lead by Gen. Benedict Arnold before his famous betrayal.

    After the war, a major source of friction between the US and the UK was the disputed border regions between the new USA and British Canada.

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    british fled to *canada* french showed up at the last minute check out this website

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