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How is my Fantasy Team?

Here it is:

C- Ivan Rodriguez, Detroit Tigers

1B- Todd Helton, Colorado Rockies

2B- Robinson Cano, New York Yankees

3B- Aramis Ramirez, Chicago Cubs

SS- Micheal Young, Texas Rangers

OF- Carlos Beltran, New York Mets

OF- Juan Pierre, Los Angelos Dogers

OF- Jeff Francoeur, Atlanta Braves

Util- Jason Giambi, New York Yankees

Bench - Eric Chavez, Curtis Granderson, Paul Lo Duca, Mark Loretta

SP- Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals

SP- Jeremy Bonderman, Detroit Tigers

RP- Bobby Jenks, Chicago White Sox

RP- Joel Zumaya, Detroit Tigers

P- Tom Glavine, New York Mets

P- Kenny Rogers, Detroit Tigers

P- Josh Beckett, Boston Red Sox

Bench: Jose Contreras

What players should I trade?

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    Personally, I would look to upgrade at 1b, one or 2 of, and you need a second closer. Zumaya is awesome, but will not close unless Todd Jones goes down for Detroit.

    Also, keep an eye for any starting pitching you can get. You've got some good guys, but Glavine and Rogers are not going to fill up a fantasy baseball stat sheet.

    Last thing: beware of Aramis Ramirez. Now that he got paid, he may decide to dog it all season. Lots of talent, but the desire is suspect.

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    I myself believe that you could upgrade at 1rst base and third... your outfield is good considering that you have two power guys, all three can steal bases, and hit for a good average. You might be able to get a good first or third baseman by trading helton and chavez or ramirez and chavez... those two combined may make an entising enough for a berkman or d.lee... third baseman would be hard to fill... you have two solid power hitters both with less than thrilling averages... but it would be tough to get an upgrade... as far as pitching you can probably get tim hudson in FA... you can find a picher that will make a good stat filler... but as far as RP you are good... most of your points will come from K's and W's... But if you are wanting to work the trade wires... Contreras, glavin, rogers, chavez, ramirez, granderson... with the right combination you should be able to get someone to go for a trade... one thing you might want to do is get someone that can play all infield positions like rich aurillia.. that way you can have a back up for all on their day off.

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    You can't find anyone better than Giambi? Hopefully you have an OBP category. And Beckett will ruin your ERA. Otherwise, pretty good. Glad you have faith in my boys Helton, Cano and Young! Good luck ~N

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    you lack closers, i would try to trade for a closer. Also (as long as your not a cards fan) you can get good value for Carpenter. If it were me i'd try to package Todd Helton and Carpenter for people like Chris Ray, Tom Gordon, and Derrick Lee

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    Looks good. Nice to see some Yankees on that roster.

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